A Starry Night: Zoom Session

This session is usually for ages 16 to adults as it is done at night and through Expressive Art Evenings (adult arm of my business). In some cases younger adolescents may join their parents by request, and this activity has been done by younger persons. Because of this, although we lime and chat we always keep discussions appropriate for younger ears.

Welcome to this creative session on A Starry Night!
I will go through this with you while online but if you wanted to have a peek at the activity here it is.

Please do not stress about trying to figure anything out before the session. These are just tips/information that I will explain more clearly for you. This is only if you wish to have a look beforehand.

Don’t be intimidated, it’s not difficult, and you do not need any art experience, and I do this activity with children as well.

This is the original A Starry Night. Notice his painting is made entirely of brushstrokes that make the sky appear as if it is moving.

Please do not share this with others outside of your household as it is intended only for those who registered with me.

This is for ages 16 to adult but I have had some children as young as 9 join their parents.
A very mysterious starry night. I love the colours. This birthday girl chose to keep hers simple and wistful. The stars seem to really glow and the gestures are wonderful.
This participant decided to focus mainly on the sky and omit buildings. Her sky is intense and dynamic with a different mood from Van Gogh’s original. I encourage everyone to make their work their original piece, to express themselves.
After the painting is dry more details can be added using oil pastels – it can be used for the lines, swirls and any other finer lines in the event that you do not want to make all the lines with paint.
Notice how everyone’s swirls are unique. Some don’t pursue the very fine lines in the same way the original by Van Gogh does. There is a vibrancy here that resonates well against the dark tree and sky.
This participant paid as much attention to her building as she does with the cypress tree and the sky. Lovely colour scheme and confident, beautiful lines.
One of my demo pieces using paint and oil pastels
One of my demo pieces using oil pastels alone
One of my demo pieces using oil pastels and paint
This is the background in progress
A participant from a zoom online class
A participant from a Zoom online class who called himself Ryan Van Gogh 🙂