29 May


Welcome to Expressive Art Evenings! You will be creating a piece inspired by Van Gogh’s iconic ‘A Starry Night,’ during a private online Zoom Art session. You can choose to use paints and oil pastels together or oil pastels alone. Please see below for some documents that will help you prepare for the online session.

There are also images to show you the ways in which each individual can create their own interpretation of the original piece. No two person’s work will look alike as you choose your own colours, marks etc.

These images and documents are the property of Expressive Art Evenings and are shared with you as a participant in my online class. They are not to be shared widely or downloaded or printed for any other reason than your personal use.

A demonstration piece done with acrylic paint and oil pastels
A demonstration piece done with only oil pastels
Above: The Original Painting by Van Gogh

3. Oil Pastel Guide (techniques and tips) – Password:EAEPPicasso3581!

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