Frida Kahlo Zoom Session

Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous female artists in history. She is a prolific Mexican artist who celebrated her culture and who overcame tremendous hardship. After a brutal accident almost took her life, and left her severely injured, she turned to painting and did so relentlessly, focusing her efforts on mainly self -portraits.

The Artist Frida Kahlo
The Artist with flowers in her hair
In this painting she painted the love of her life Diego Riviera onto her forehead
She painted herself often with her favourite pets
The artist painting a self-portrait

Frida was considered a surrealist as she painted real objects or things we recognize, but she painted them in imaginative ways that do not exist in real life – such as the face of her Diego onto her forehead. Surrealism thought gives attention to the subconscious mind, where the subconscious can hold more truth than the conscious mind. It is the world of dreams.

Frida rejected this and claimed that she painted her reality and only what she knew. She also proudly confessed that she was her own favourite subject because she paints what she knows, and she knows herself best.

My self-portrait painted. You will decide what to include in your own.

Materials List:

Pencil (if you have different weights for shading this is good, but not necessary)
*Sketching Paper to sketch/practice – can be printer or photocopy paper
*White sheet of paper (not printer or photocopy paper) – thicker the better. Watercolour paper is ideal but not necessary, and only an option if you are painting.

Options: Paint or coloured pencils or just pencil and eraser
Mirror or Photo of yourself or the person you would like to draw

I will be showing you how to draw a face. Then I will show you how to add shadows through shading with a pencil. When that is complete you can choose the level of difficulty you would like to try. You can choose to shade in coloured pencils, leave the pencil shading as a black and white piece, or you can begin to paint with me.

My self -portrait as a drawing

I will demonstrate how to mix skin tones using the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue. You will also need white and black. The type of paint does not matter (not oil paint). I will be painting thinly – not as thin as watercolour but not very solid and thick like oils. This will allow for you to layer easily.

A mirror or a photo of yourself is helpful. This is for self-portraits but you are free to depict someone else.