“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. 
― Albert Einstein

IMAGINE has the same mandate and vision as HomeStudio but all work produced by IMAGINE is not for clients, it is original, independent and created by us. Our process for projects is more like an art process – organic from home, from concept to creative to implementation. We are creating a brand, a personality and voice.

With regards to our commercial structure we brainstorm and manifest projects first and seek our clients after. Companies are encouraged to advertise through our ‘already-produced’ works of art. IMAGINE also has a not for profit arm where unique creative projects are created purely to pursue charitable causes. (See projects)

Be it video, photo-based, writing, or art therapy projects, our work will marry artistic expression and ideas with knowledge. Our videos may be social or educational campaigns. This initiative aims to be Trinidad Home Studio Ltd’s main focus in the future.



Social change is primarily dependent on changes in social attitudes. An effective campaign relies heavily on creativity and a unique approach to be memorable or to allow people to change their behaviour for themselves.

This behaviour change begins with ideas, with new easily digested information, and when the person can identify with the message and the way it is delivered.

List of Objectives:

1.To provide information on social issues relevant to Trinidad and Tobago effectively, through the use of a creative medium.

2. To effect change in social attitudes and for the longer term, social behaviour.

3. To collaborate with other like-minded institutions such as NGOs, CBOs, and those in education and the arts, providing them with resources

4. To increase awareness and concern for lesser known initiatives or social issues by the active pursuance of these topics and phenomenon.

5. To produce original products and programs that are uplifting and that utilize creativity and educational mediums to implement some form of social change or progress.