Make Art at Home

EXPRESSIVE ART EVENINGS – Affiliate of Trinidad Home Studio

After Covid 19 brought face to face interactions to a halt, we improvised to provide ‘take home’ packages for interested customers. No art experience is necessary.

In May 2020 we launched the first of a series of ‘take home’ activities – Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘A Starry Night.’ All necessary materials are provided for curb side pick up or for delivery via local courier at an additional cost. Customers are given a password for the online tutorial which they can access for a minimum of two weeks and create at their own convenience.


What does this service cost?
Our ‘Make Art at Home’ packages have varying costs depending on the activity and if there are options within that activity. Curbside pick up is available but delivery comes at a separate cost.

Where are you located?
We are located in a residential area in Maraval. Details for curbside pick up are given to customers when they place their orders.

What forms of payment do you accept?
For curbside pick up: cash, cheque or online bank transfers.
For delivery: online bank transfer, cash, linx and credit card (no cheques). Delivery is an additional cost. You can contact us for the wire transfer information and for the addressee on the cheques.

How do I place an order?
Please place orders through Email, Facebook Messenger or Whats App.
Submit your Full name, email address, Address if you need delivery and specify the package, quantity and form of payment. You will be contacted within 24 hours for details regarding your order.

How long will it take to get my order?
Once the package is in stock, curbside pick up should be available either the same day or the following day (Monday to Saturday). Delivery will require an additional 1 to 3 business days. Payments through online transfer need to be confirmed before delivery or collection.

How do I arrange for delivery?
We use an efficient local courier company. Their rates depend on location, weight and size of packages. Once an order is placed and a location confirmed, we can provide a delivery cost for you. Once approved, you can place your order.

*Our boxes are light and multiple orders (for one household/delivery point) can often be packaged as one. In a rare instance of numerous orders to one location, the delivery cost may vary accordingly.

Is this the only activity you have?
We launched with ‘A Starry Night’ and will continue to launch new activities every month. We will also launch packages for children under ‘Art with Aunty Jaime’ our affiliate business.

Picasso Faces is coming soon. Image from a past group session

What type of materials do I get?
Each package and activity will vary. We aim to not only provide paint and pastels but also packages with collage options and other diverse methods of making art. Each activity may have one or more options regarding materials. Everything you need will be included, from customized printed guides, to pencils to a disposable apron.

What if I have those materials already?
The main benefit of this activity is a pre-recorded and edited tutorial, and the printed guides that accompany the packages. Resources were placed in creating a tutorial for lease.

Packages are being offered inclusive of materials for several reasons – people may not have them, an efficient way to provide an inclusive package from materials to guides to the tutorial, and also access to the art instructor via email regarding finished work – if you have important questions.

What if I buy a package and want to do a different one at a later time but have materials left over?
Each activity would differ and the paints provided for painting activities are enough for the one activity. You may have left over items such as oil pastels, your painting palette and brushes.

These activities are meant to replace a physical session. Usually with those physical sessions there is a one time fee for the group session which includes my guidance and materials which are shared (not kept or owned by participants), although participants leave with their finished artwork.

The package cost therefore comprises not only artist materials but it also accounts for the recorded and printed guides – not just the cost of printing but for their licensed use.

I want to buy another package but do not want to collect another palette, brushes and items that last for more than one activity that I got in my last package.
We aim to foster a continued relationship with our customers. For customers who already purchased a package that include permanent materials (brushes, palettes), we will tailor future packages that do not include those materials (only permanent ones that were included and does not apply to paint, pastels or canvas).

Can I buy these as gifts?
Yes you can. We can provide a digital gift certificate addressed to the person and receive payment for the cost of the chosen package. The certificate is valid for 2 months.

We can also provide the package which can be delivered directly to your loved one’s door. In this instance the cost and delivery fee would be submitted to us via wire transfer or directly via cash or cheque. Giftwrap is available at an additional cost. Contact us to enquire.

How do I access the video?
The link for the video will be emailed shortly after the package is delivered or collected. The package itself has a document with the password. The password will last for a minimum of one month (extended by two weeks) after activation. The video references physical guides that are in your package.

We cannot offer unlimited access to the video but we work individually with each customer. If there is an unforeseen circumstance that prevents you from completing your artwork within the time frame for the online video please reach out to us.

Can I download this video?
This video is copyrighted and the property of Expressive Art Evenings. It is leased to customers for the time period of their package (minimum of one month). It is password protected and cannot be downloaded, stored or forwarded to others.

What if I purchase this and change my mind?
If you place an order and have not yet paid you can cancel once the order has not already been shipped. Once the delivery has been shipped the courier will already have charged for your order.

If payment has already been received via wire transfer, the sale is considered final. All packages that are collected and paid for are considered sold and returns are not possible at this time. As the package includes access to the online tutorial we cannot return funds after the exchange has occurred.

Is this a Sip N Paint type activity? How is this different?
Your guide is Jaime Lee Loy who is a local artist. She specialises in contemporary art in her own practice. Most ‘Paint N Sip’ formats are a paint by numbers approach where the instructor guides you to follow exactly what they are drawing/painting.

The approach taken in this session is one of freedom of expression and personal creativity. You are guided but are given examples and comparisons that encourage alternative ways of making the same activity. You are given guides that suggest colour combinations and that reflect different techniques you can use with your materials.

Why not a LIVE video stream?
We believe that anyone can create and make art, relative to their own skill set or abilities. We know that everyone works at different paces and sometimes their schedules are unpredictable.

We also know that art can be a personal or introspective experience where we can enjoy getting ‘lost in the moment,’ and may even want to pause and come back to it, work on it for a few minutes, hours or even days at a time.

We prefer the idea of you having control over how and when you view this tutorial, and the ability to view multiple times before the subscription period ends.