11 Mar

Picasso Faces

This activity is one of five included in my ‘Back in Times: Masters Edition,’ which is a full workshop on famous historical artists, of which Picasso is one. These Abstract Faces are fun and very simple. Once the children have extra materials on hand they can create numerous different faces.

We use oil pastels for this piece and pastel paper. Multimedia paper also works well, and in fact any paper surface should work well. Canvas would be difficult if using oil pastels and no paint as the very rough texture would cause ‘white spaces’ unless very vigorous colouring was used.

Printed guides typically come with this activity. For those who did not purchase the package with materials and printed guides, you can review the Picasso Face images on the following online link (this is not my document but a good external online resource available for free viewing): http://www.drawingskill.com/art/19481

The video also has a very brief lesson at the beginning before the activity begins.

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