Underwater Animals: Texture Rubbings Collage Ages 3 to 6.

This activity is a fun one for young ages, and it is quite easy to complete. First you are encouraged to find textured surfaces that would produce good textural patterns when pressed against paper and ‘rubbed’ with crayon on the other side. This could include the bark of a tree, underside of a leaf, a spool of twine, bubble wrap, a lego plate etc.

Instead of crayons there are high quality oil pastels in the package.
The thinner the paper the easier it is to create these textural ‘rubbings.’

Once these colourful rubbings and textures are created on paper, an adult will guide them to cut the paper into shapes. These shapes are then stuck to the template of choice. An adult can cut the final template animal and assist them to glue to the black cardstock.

There are templates included for the underwater animals.

There are options to choose from: starfish, angelfish, coral, crab, octopus. There is a make along video below where I create with you from start to finish!