‘freelance’ is what the name implies.
You can source your advertising needs more directly with the artists, through an independent network co-coordinator.
No big agencies and big fees. Now there’s an idea that works!

‘freelance’ is a network of graphic artists, copyrighters, animators, writers, videographers, photographers, artists, editors, consultants, event co - ordinators, party promoters and promotional event coordinators, and other specialists, some that already work or worked for the leading agencies in Trinidad, some who work for themselves. Some don’t even work in the field, but their services may make the industry so much better, more fun, or refreshingly different - something we are grateful for.

In this capacity, Jaime Lee Loy will act as an agent for these service providers, offering you the same co-ordination services and deliverables you are accustomed to with the larger agencies. Staying true to the ‘freelance’ concept, companies can utilize this service in addition to their existing means of outsourcing. ‘freelance’ can be used for large and small jobs, and we will indicate availability, delivery time, and cost the same day of request, and do so truthfully and realistically. This is a service you can depend on.

Call or write for an estimate today. If you or your company would like a unique service and you are unsure ‘freelance’ will offer it, all it takes is an enquiry. With reputable connections, ‘freelance’ can source the job you need from certified, qualified persons trained and experienced in that area.

‘freelance’ is a network of freelancers who can offer competitive rates due to little or no overhead costs.
They work on your jobs from home and the client therefore pays for intellectual property and not towards a company's rent. Through ‘Trinidad Home Studio Ltd,’ ‘freelance’ will charge a small mark up fee for coordination, soliciting, and delivery. This structure moves for quicker delivery times, lower charges when compared to agencies, and a very flexible way of working that still maintains the professionalism and quality of any first class agency in Trinidad.

One day this service will hopefully be provided to the not-for –profit organizations in a wider capacity.