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‘Design Your Day’ started as an idea in 2004 that was given as a surprise birthday present, and then reinvented today as a personalized and professional service. More information will be released later this year as Trinidad Home Studio Ltd progresses. Taking event planning, personalized gifts, and creative enterprise, ‘Design Your Day’ aims to provide an alternative for the gift giving experience. Instead of buying your loved one the perfect gift, why not give them the perfect day? With existing packages as well as those tailored to suit every detail needed to give the client their fantasy day, you will be amazed and impressed with what we have to offer.

Although we will be soliciting projects later in 2011 you can make enquiries from now via email to or

Banner Image: Photos above are from Catherine Koo Min Chee’s wedding and were not produced for a ‘Design Your Day’ event. Trinidad Home Studio supplied video services at this wedding and only produced a handful of photos for a video slideshow.