Trinidad Home Studio Ltd values sensitivity and creativity with each project. I prefer to solicit less jobs that can be performed well and with care, than to chase numerous jobs if quality is ever compromised as a result. Clients and those enquiring will always receive that personal touch and will be treated with respect. I believe that this type of business can be lucrative even with a mission that puts quality and care parallel and at times above, profit and gain.

When forming this business I tried in many ways to marry my business side as a former communications manager with my career as an artist, and my experience and interest working with NGOs. Many times, organizations in the ‘human’ sector struggle as a business, and often times corporate businesses lack that human touch. It is this organization’s policy to generate that balance. I will be honest with all projects and if something is beyond our capacity or if we genuinely do not have the time, we will willingly refer you to friends in the business.

As an artist my career is completely separate from this enterprise. However if you are interested in viewing some of my contemporary art you can contact me directly.

- Jaime Lee Loy