Photography services extend to events, portraits, and anything else that can be photographed. As ‘homestudio’ has invested in a full studio of equipment, lighting as well as versatility of lenses can provide you with any specificity imaginable. Micro lenses, telephoto and wide angle are available for every project.

Packages can be tailored to suit each project, whether it be the supply of digital high resolution images, prints, coffee table books, or a mixture of these options. A video/movie slideshow of the digital images accompanied by sound/music is also an option we offer.

In collaboration with ‘homestudio’ and ‘freelance’ your options open even further. If you would like to produce a book that incorporates both text and images, our designers at ‘freeelance’ can work with ‘homestudio’ to produce just about anything an individual or company can dream up.

Depending on the scope of the job, Jaime may work on her own or with technical assistance from her partner Shawn Chong Ashing. Please note that for unusual requests or jobs that entail travel outside of Trinidad or to locations that incur additional costs, that such costs will have to be added to the standard fees.

You can make enquiries via email or telephone and to schedule an appointment to visit us. Estimates are usually available within an hour and are guaranteed within one day of request.