* Sample videos will be posted soon

All video is shot in High Definition and can be shot at 24 frames per second. ‘homestudio’ has access to professional audio and lighting and caters to most shooting conditions. And yes, wide angle lenses and other equipment are on hand for more cinematographic shots.

A video can be a trailer, a full length video or divided into chapters. An exported movie comprised of still images is also available. ‘homestudio’ is flexible and offers a variety of packages as well as those tailored to your needs. Deliverables are burned to DVD or exported to tape, and depending on the package it can include your raw archived footage.

You can make enquiries via email or telephone and to schedule an appointment to visit us. Estimates are usually available within an hour and are guaranteed within one day of request.

Please note that for unusual requests or jobs that entail travel outside of Trinidad or to locations that incur additional costs, that such costs will have to be added to the standard fees.