At weddings ‘homestudio’ can offer
videography or photography, and for the time, will not offer both services for one event. To ensure quality work and that all key moments are captured, we will only be contracted for one of these services at a time. Videography for a standard wedding requires a minimum two-person team. Most times, Jaime will solicit technical support and often she works with her partner Shawn Chong Ashing.

Wedding portfolios are varied, comprising packages that include trailers, interviews with the couple and loved ones, as well as other special features by request. Although we can offer the unedited raw footage we specialize in packages that are more creative and that will provide the couple with a really nice selection from their wedding to look back on.

We believe that most couples would prefer to safeguard their key memories. As much as we are artistic we are also adamant to capture all the details that are important to you. In our interview meeting we are sure to note who the important people, moments and surrounding shots are for our clients. We capture the emotional, the fun, the serious and the subtle details.

For more details, contracts, and to visit us, please visit our contact page.